As Labour weekend starts to loom, its hard to not think about all of the work that the silly season entails!

Schools start having an activity a week, sports ramp up, Christmas parties, shopping, family expectations, the surprise big bills that happen and more.

Its hard to keep your cool when everyone around us is frazzled and it’s even harder to stay calm and confident. Yet that is what we want to help you with. At Adapted we reckon that its great to feel happy, calm and confident- the silly season is no different!

Here are our 7 ways to help you keep calm, happy and confident this year.

  1. Rest and restore– Yes we know there is so much to do and such little time! There is a Zen proverb that goes something like this: “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.” Don’t worry I am not saying go and meditate for 2 hours. What we are saying is INVEST. Invest in taking some moments to refresh and restore yourself, refill your cup, recover your strength, muster your courage. It can look lots of different ways, maybe taking time to stop and breathe, closing your eyes for a moment with your head down, go for a 5 min walk, a 15min Yoga Nidra, going to a class- just give yourself a bit of a breather. Sadly collapsing in front of the telly, scrolling social media and other things (like alcohol) that are actually going to drain your energy don’t count. Consider this as a way to grow energy and capacity- not one that is going to decrease overall.
  2. Nourish: Look after yourself- even INVEST in creating energy, feel good vibes and more by nourishing your body with water and good food. It is estimated that NZer’s consume over a third of their daily calories via liquid alone (soft drink/juices/alcohol) imagine what benefits you will feel by just replacing one non water drink a day with 2 glasses of water? We aren’t saying be an angel but do consider what foods make you feel good and try to aim more for those especially in times where you know that you will be stressed. It certainly is worth the investment.
  3. Movement: Flylady refers to this as loving yourself (more about flylady later!) go on and just move. Decades of research confirms that just moving helps you feel better, it increases energy levels, decreases stress, improves sleep and so much more. So yes head to a class, go for a walk, play with the kids- just move!
  4. Awareness: Take a moment and give yourself a chance to become aware. Aware of how you are feeling- what may be the factors to this? Identifying some of your thought processes (that are often unhelpful and not necessarily factual!). Give yourself a chance to notice. Some research indicates that awareness creates 80% of behavior change!
  5. Breathe: Something that is highly recommended in general. Yet something we often have very little awareness of (yes that word again!) just take a moment and notice how you are breathing- try this throughout the day. You will be surprised at the results!
  6. Organise and Delegate: Such simple concepts. Often the hardest to do. Especially planning and then sticking to the plan! We have some great resources to help with organising the silly season, we also have an army of volunteers happy to support people with those tasks that are easy to delegate- wash the windows, tidy the garden, a round of shopping- check out our pay it forward programme- asking for help is a key to creating a village x If you need a hand with the housework check out our fave
  7. Fresh Air: Some say that the breeze of summer is happiness. In today’s busy lives we can go for days without connecting with nature and taking a great big lungful of fresh air. Fresh air has been shown to help digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen the immune system, reduce obesity rates and strengthen family ties. Not too bad for something that a lot of us take for granted. Go on throw open the windows and doors and get outside!

We recognise that changing some of the above habits are hard, especially in times of stress, hustle and bustle. If you want to get started with the above but need some support- check out our Keep Calm and Christmas On programme beginning 21st Nov .