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Six years ago we started in the garage with a handful of people that just wanted to get more flexible, stronger and feel more relaxed. 100+ classes a week and five venues later, we still work to the exact same principles. Have fun. Feel Better. Become Your Best.

We are leading our industry with our high teaching standards, student support, and guidance. In the past year alone, we were the first Yoga Studio in NZ to become a NZ REPS facility, the first facility in the CDHB to be a Strength and Balance accredited provider and we are an International Yoga Alliance school.

Being a small family business, Adapted is not a yoga or a pilates studio, it is a family and community in itself which looks after each other far beyond the mat. We organise meals and baking through to babysitting and rides for each other when life gets tough. We make lifelong friendships and laugh and connect at every class.

We pride ourselves on our Adaptability from adapting each class to you, to being flexible with our class booking and payments and offering services that no other Studio offers. These range from wellbeing reviews, personal training, workplace workshops and classes, yoga teacher training through to community classes and strength and balance programmes.

If you want to become stronger, more flexible and more relaxed, with people that respect and care for you, are the best at what they do and have a cumulative experience of over 70 years of teaching, then Adapted is the family for you.

Our focus is ensuring that everyone can become the best they can be; in fact, our motto is, "Everyday people becoming their best".

We don't care who you are, what you do, what you look like or what your injuries or health issues are; we just want to help YOU. And no...there is no one too challenging or too strong to work with us either!

Why Yoga and Pilates?

There is a tremendous amount of interest these days in yoga and Pilates together. Both are sophisticated systems of integrative exercise with a lot in common. The six Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow could easily be used to describe the principles of many kinds of yoga as well.

Pilates and yoga are also quite different from each other, and it is in the differences that we find many of the complimentary aspects of the two that make them such a great team.

The benefits of Pilates and yoga are extraordinary. They are both known to support the development of long, strong, graceful bodies that move efficiently without creating bulky muscles. Both disciplines are integrative; associated with stress reduction and increased well-being. Both yoga and Pilates are used as rehabilitative systems. They can be adjusted for a wide range of people and fitness levels, and both support the achievement of very high levels of body/mind/spirit fitness.

Yoga-Pilates exploration and mix-and-match is very valid, and can enhance your fitness level. Really getting to know either one of them and experiencing the full benefits of either takes time. To reap the rewards of Pilates or yoga, one needs a teacher, for at least some of one's study, to ensure practice is correct and of benefit.

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