What We Stand For

We are a community, building a community, to empower a community. Come on in! Adapted thrives on the fusion of knowledge and experience of our teachers, as well as the range of abilities and ages of our students. There is a strong family environment throughout the Adapted Community. We are inclusive, adaptive, and fu

Our Teachers Guiding Values

Do what is right - not what is easy


Be Kind and have courage


Practice what we preach


Focus on consistency and progress rather than perfection


Prioritise results, relationships and experience


Provide industry leading service and support


Work hard but work smart!


Our Teacher's Code of Conduct

We will strive to Be the best teachers we can, by practicing what we preach and developing our knowledge and skills.


We will ask for feedback and guidance where needed.


We will provide the best class we can by creating a great experience in a safe environment that creates results for each student.


For every class/session we teach, we will be on time in a motivated, competent and clean state of body and mind, organised and prepared for the class.

We will leave each person and environment we meet in a better state than they / or it was when we arrived.

We will respect ourselves and others with: how we act, what we say, what we wear, how we enter, teach and leave a class or session.


We will respect the privacy and the value of the information we are provided by ensuring its privacy, using it the way it was intended and ensuring the information is stored securely in our system for other teachers to use.

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