Discovery Weekend

Undertake a journey of personal growth at our Discovery Weekend.

Discovery Weekend

2022 Discovery Weekend – the time to find you.

discovery weekend march 2021

This discovery weekend is a special time to take ourselves away from our usual daily routine and busy lifestyle. We will aim to stay true to yoga and discover the authenticity and integrity of yoga and its various aspect. To achieve this, we will give more time to immerse ourselves into the self practice and self-transformation through yoga, contemplation and meditations to overcome mental,social, emotional, and physical barriers.

The total price includes all teachings and accommodation. The discovery weekend is suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced in their practice. We will be based at Pudding Hill retreat at Mt Hutt.

What you need to bring is an enthusiasm to learn more about Yoga and about yourself. 

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February 2022 Mt Hutt

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The experience during the weekend may challenge you mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally. We will let you embrace the unknown, look yourself in the eye and back yourself to succeed. Please have an expectation that you will view yourself and the world in a different way after this weekend. We will choose challenge over comfort; commitment over chit chat; outdoor splendour over stuffiness; how to think over what to think.

We will provide you ample opportunity to spend time in exploring, engaging, rediscovering yourself and your values. We will provide a high energy weekend with little downtime but still perfectly balanced for those looking for physical challenge and those seeking a reflective experience. We will be providing you with training in open style yoga, advance yogasana and breathing practice will be practiced. There will be a strong focus on philosophy and individualised yogasana.

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