Little did I know this time last year I’d start working for an award-winning yoga and pilates studio in 2020. My friend sent me through an advert for a yoga teacher November 2019, telling me to go for it. I reluctantly applied thinking I wouldn’t even be interviewed but the rest is history. I still owe that friend a bottle of whiskey!

Little did we all know 2020 would turn into an insane year for the whole planet! The human collective has had a big shake up. My teeny tiny part of that collective has had its own ups and downs…

ꜛTurned 35! Always a win when you’ve lived another year!

ꜛBegan teaching at Adapted Yoga and Pilates and started a BA Honors in psychology…all uber exciting!

ꜛGot our fur baby Cass…who is a bit demonic it turns out…and we love it!

ꜜCovid officially rampaged through the world! Moved into lockdown… dun dun duuuuun!!

ꜛAdapted moves online with the speed of light! Learn a whole new way of teaching and got to work from home! Woop! Cannot get over the ability of Rebecca and Jeremy to keep Adapted a float, us teachers employed, take care of their own family and still support the community!

ꜜ Adapted moves online with the speed of light…learn a whole new way of teaching…online classes are hard!

ꜛLockdown rocks. My partner and I work/study in the same room… I learn more about him! His work ethics, customer service and ability to support his team in a pandemic is mind blowing!

ꜜLockdown sucks. My partner is told two weeks into lockdown, their depot will be closed in August and his job will be gone … he moves into recovery mode and identifies a business opportunity. My head still spins with how fast he moved!

ꜛLockdown ends for NZ! WOOP! Feel incredibly proud of New Zealanders. I am lucky to be able to call NZ home!

ꜜThe rest of the world is still in hell including my family and friends in Ireland and Europe, I’m constantly in fear they catch covid. Our huge Christmas with friends and family coming to NZ is no more. ☹

ꜜMy mental health takes a massive hit and I start to plummet but ꜛ the Adapted family and my partner somehow pick me up while dealing with their own stuff! Legends!

ꜛBrother gets the cutest puppy ever so I’m inundated with cut pics!

ꜛ Get to do research on the effects of yoga on mental health and its efficacy as an intervention for uni! Nerd out!

ꜛComplete the first level of Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga training. Confirms I’m on the right path with psychology and yoga…phew!

ꜜHave to process a friend’s death and not being there to say goodbye.

ꜛ Partners business is officially set up after over 7 months of sleepless nights and daily negotiations! He somehow created work for himself and 3 members of his team. Cannot feel prouder of him!

ꜜ Our families and friends move back into a full lockdown in Ireland…it’s easy to forget what they are going through when I can meet up with friends for a coffee or simply go buy food without any concerns or restrictions.

ꜛDip my toe into training teachers and onboarding for Adapted and really enjoy those processes.

ꜛ Next…staying in a bach on a beach for a week! That means just me, my partner, books, yoga mat and food! Nothing else matters…oh, wait, wine and coffee too!

So, 2020 has caused a lot of negative and positive change. Change is vital for life to move forward. I have tried to help others through their change, but I’ve needed help to keep helping! Just as I say at the start of most classes, we need to take time for ourselves to be able to give time to others. Sometimes we need help from others to be able to take that time for ourselves. I see 2020 as community, resourcefulness, resistance, acceptance and resilience. It is a year of destruction and creation.

I have taught amazing students and been privileged to learn of their trials and successes throughout this year. What all of you (and the teachers at Adapted) have gone through this year has been tough but Adapted’s family is resilient and compassionate. Each one of you adds to its rainbow and you should be proud of all the little things you’ve achieved in 2020…on and off the mat. 😉