Your group sessions

Personalised sessions adapted to the needs of your group

Our community group got so much out of each session. The sessions were the perfect combination of fun and challenging. We all had fantastic results and always had a good laugh!


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Flexible for you

  • We can travel to you

  • For anyone! Sports teams, friends, community groups, disability groups, rest homes, support services. 

  • All equipment and mats are provided

  • You can choose the times that suit you

Value for money

  • Price is based on time only

  • We charge only for time, rather than per person 

  • Get the most out of one session 

Trusted and Industry Leading

  • Adapted is an industry leader, winning national awards and numerous accreditations and endorsements.

  • Our team is highly qualified, professional and caring

Adapted to You

  • We adapt sessions to suit your needs. No matter your age, injury and ability

  • We are ensure to give you the best possible service