The first thing we just have to say is – 2020 has certainly been a ride so far. It has been amazing hearing so many of your stories and journey’s. It certainly indicates how many of us are having such vastly different experiences at the moment. Thank you so much for your support, feedback and kindness. It has been so great hearing from you, and we really do appreciate it.


As much as we have tried to keep up our communication with you, we have had some technical issues. Here are the best ways that you can ensure we can keep in contact with you:

1) check your email settings as sometimes our newsletters can be directed straight to your spam/junk, Jeremy is happy to help so feel free to call 03 9725452 or email

2) follow us on our social media and instagram . It pays to interact once in a while. This ensures that our posts come up in your news feed (maybe just like or comment on a post from time to time). While you are there we would love a review.

3) feel free to reach out at anytime Just like everything else if you have a question or a problem the earlier you can be in touch the easier we can help you.

Things to keep an eye out for this week include our first workshop back and our International Yoga Day celebrations

How we are supporting you:

We know that this is going to be a massive year for so many of you and that’s why we are pulling out all the stops to support you.

  • Adding holds to memberships
  • Setting up a complete home library of exercises for you free of charge,
  • Offering more complimentary consultations,
  • Delivering practical support such as meals with our pay it forward programme
  • Connecting people looking for work with our amazing network of businesses and organisations.

What we have been up to:

On the Adapted front we have created our awesome Online Live classes. To be honest, they have surprised us with their popularity. 30% of our students prefer these classes to our physical, face to face classes. These classes are available to you with an easy one click class access. Jeremy is always happy to help you get started. Interestingly, during lockdown, class attendance rates went through the roof with the average monthly attendance per student doubling.

Venues and Timetables:

We are reopening venue by venue, Halswell, Homebase and from 15th June Rolleston. We have taken a really big hit financially, as you can imagine. Therefore we need to be pretty careful with how we re open venues and ensuring classes are sustainable to run. As you know we are constantly looking for feedback regarding what classes to be running. is the best link to use if you want to have your say.

Feel free to check out our current class times here:

Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Trainees are busy learning online with Tilak and are completing 2 qualifications within their training this year. One as an International Yoga Alliance 200hr registered Yoga teacher (thats how long they have to train for). The other as a NZQA Freestyle Group Exercise Instructor. This has been such a successful option for training we are looking at running a second course this year.

Other Changes:

  • Other changes include, reducing our cancellation time-frame to 2 hrs,
  • Reducing the commitment of our unlimited classes down to just one month at a time,
  • Adding a great new personal training option,
  • Adding a fancy sanitizing spray to our cleaning routine,
  • Permanently reducing class numbers in our venues.
  • Increasing the number our complimentary goal setting consultations.
  • Improved our refer a friend benefits, so that your mate can get a half price intro pack. So get out there and get those mates and family members in.
  • Feel free to check out our online sleepy time classes in the evening to help with your sleep.
  • Or check out our high intensity classes for an extra wee push if you want it.

Changes for you:

  • We have been really lucky that our systems and processes were great before lockdown so the biggest change you will see at class is:
  • Hand sanitizer constantly being available and we request that you wash your hands before and after class.
  • If you are feeling unwell to stay away from physical classes. (Online classes are fine- please just let the teacher know and they will have some tricks up their sleeve to help you feel better).
  • You MUST be booked to attend a class.

What our team have been up to:

Our team have been amazing through this period and have worked really hard to help support you on the mat. It was a big learning curve to learn to teach differently via a screen and then face to face but no hands on. They have done a terrific job as you can all agree. Here is a bit of a summary of what each of them have been doing:

  • Alice: As well as being an amazing Yoga teacher, she is also a music teacher and she shifted her whole business to online in the midst of teaching for us also.
  • Belynda: Somehow managed to get out of India (she was doing further Yoga training) just in time and (after her quarantine) was working in her role as a palliative care nurse. She is now back teaching at Halswell and will be teaching her first Online classes next week!
  • Gemma: Is busy in the midst of exams and assignments for her psychology papers and learnt how to teach Kids Yoga during lockdown.
  • Julia: Is just preparing to move for the second time and has just started her further study and training with a NZQA exercise qualification.
  • Manju: Juggles fulltime study, teaching Yoga, doing support work and being a mum and wife to her son and husband in India.
  • Mike: (Yes we miss him too) has been working all through lockdown in his ‘real job’ but we are planning some cameo appearances soon.
  • Petra: Has been a powerhouse for us, although you didn’t see her on screen she was juggling school and parenting her 2 lovely daughters, being an admin hero for us and studying towards her naturopathy degree
  • Sami: Sadly has farewelled us so that she can focus on completing her massage qualification and then jetting back to the US of A
  • Sarah: Has worked fulltime throughout lockdown and was our early morning super hero- ensuring that we could still run the early morning classes for you.
  • Tilak: Has been running the teacher training, completing his PhD and we have welcomed him back with open arms to the teaching realm again for us after running our last retreat just before lockdown.
  • Vanessa: This has certainly been a challenging time for our Student Support superstar, she has not only been holding down the fort and looking after you, she has also been working tirelessly looking after her parent’s health.

Again, thanks so much for your support it has meant the world to us and lets work together to become our best!