I have recently returned from training in Auckland in zen buddhism which I undertook over the last decade. During this time I also completed my training as a hatha yoga teacher.

I fell in love with yoga many years ago, as a teenager, trying to get some peace, improve my flexibility and avoid injury in my chosen sport of the time, as a martial arts practitioner.

Pilates followed after I had my son and definitely needed to improve my core strength.

My classes tend to reflect my passion. It incorporates not only my background in the field of body practice but also my meditation practice. My training in the science of exercise and rehabilitation lends me to emphasising correct posture and completing the exercises safely.

My goal in my classes is to help people gain more awareness around their bodies through movement and its effect on their mind. Plus of course have fun!

View the below video to hear more about what you can expect in Hanya’s classes.