Hi! I’m Julia from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’m very happy to be part of this amazing Adapted family. I feel blessed with this opportunity working here in Christchurch, in this stunning country.

I started my career as a dancer with lots of Yoga elements for flexibility and strength. Along the years, I discovered that I needed extra training to be able to progress as a dancer so I started taking Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat classes and I absolutely loved it!

I got deep into it inspired by my Pilates Instructor who also started his career as a dancer. I felt inspired by his adaptability to change his classes according to the students needs. 

I have done my Pilates training in Argentina for 2 years and worked as a Pilates and Stretching teacher. I believe that Yoga and Pilates are wonderful techniques to gain strength, flexibility and balance, to be able to calm down and focus on ourselves completely. From my classes students can expect a fun and focused environment where we constantly grow to become the best we can be taking care of our bodies, treating ourselves with patience and love. 

It is so rewarding helping students grow in such a lovely environment watching them leave the studio in a much better way than when they came in. Finding the way to adapt the movements to the students needs and find what suits for them.
My aim is to improve people´s life-style, to spread knowledge, to see the students getting to know themselves by understanding how their body works with a special focus on respect and honesty.

In the future I would love to continue teaching Pilates and start teaching Jazz and Contemporary Dance.