Hello all, my name is Mike, and I’ve been with Adapted for some time now.. first as a student, then as a teacher trainee, and since December 2017, a fully fledged yoga teacher. My journey to becoming a teacher was an unexpected path- my desire to try yoga in the first place was to only improve my posture. Fast forward a year, many yoga classes (sometimes 2 or 3 a day) and exposure to yogic philosophy, and I tentatively joined up for teacher training. To think I now teach the classes that I so vividly recall nervously walking into 3 years ago is a very funny thing! To me, teaching yoga is a means to give back to others and share tools that can improve our mental and physical condition. My focus varies class to class, but strength and proper posture underpin what I teach.

From my classes you can expect a more disciplined approach, with an emphasis on correct posture and accurate alignment. Asanas are held more on the longer side, with an emphasis on relaxing into deepening stretches or looking inward to sustain more demanding postures. Advanced students will are held to higher standards and encouraged into more difficult adaptions. 

I can be found at Halswell mostly, but do appear time to time about our other venues. Beyond the yoga mat I enjoy taking swims out at Sumner (no matter the season!), drinking more coffee than is prudent, and am an army (infantry) reservist. 

  1. Focus on strength (any specifics i.e. core) 5
  2. Focus on balance 4
  3. Focus on stretching/flexibility 5
  4. Speed of transitions 2
  5. Education level 3
  6. Focus on breathe 3
  7. Philosophical focus 3
  8. Focus on relaxation 2
  9. Amount of adaptions for beginners/conditions 3