I am from the Czech Republic. I recently moved to NZ with my family after spending a decade in Dubai and Hong Kong.

My journey and deep relationship with yoga began when we decided to start a family and I wanted more clarity, to feel more centered and energised and follow through with my ideas and reach my goals. With great happiness Annie and Charlie are now in our lives.

I was very fortunate to study with Bhooma Chatanya and Swami Yogeshananda Sarawati in the foothills of the Himalaya’s and since then I have taught amazing individuals and groups around the world.

I believe Yoga helps us reconnect our body, mind and self in a way that brings balance, alignment and joy, in both our Yoga practice and daily lives. I teach people how to move their bodies so they feel strong powerful, graceful and skilled.

I have an adaptive learning approach that innovates yoga postures to best serve each student. I focus on alignment therapeutic movement, inspirational and motivational language that moves people physically, emotionally and mentally.