Hi, I’m Rohan.

I’m a new member of the Adapted family, although I have been teaching and practicing Pilates for well over 30 years. I have moved back to Christchurch after a number of years overseas and live with my partner, a mini schnauzer and love far too much coffee, swimming, cycling paddle boarding and beach life. I love life and always find something to laugh at and enjoy. I believe in active meditation, movement based stretching especially when walking Edie (the schnauzer) at the beach.

Over time my ethos has changed, and I now teach a very different style of Pilates compared to how I started. As a teacher I have had the privilege to have travelled for a number of years and now adapt styles of Pilates from all over the world into my teaching. The main focus of this is on posture, movement and a lot of functional core exercises. I utilize yoga balls, bands, blocks and socks in my teaching and all classes are usually filled with laughter and a lot of work.

With my classes concentrating on strength, stability, and mobility, we transition through a number of moves quickly but with control. I believe every student who comes to class is both perfect and unique, together we adapt the class so we all work hard and develop.

With a background in rehabilitation, functional kinesiology, and education I have great joy in teaching Pilates, making people laugh and helping them grow and believe in themselves.

I look forward to seeing you all at a class!