Health and fitness have always been a passion of mine. From a young age my mom introduced and encouraged me to participate in every activity, from rock climbing to horseback riding, I’ve tried it all. For years I treated my body rough and with very little forgiveness which ultimately lead to injuries, some of which I am still dealing with today.

Those injuries and setbacks helped me to discover my true passion and life’s purpose: helping people through bodywork. My first-hand experience with the healing ability of yoga and massage inspired me to pass on my knowledge to others that may be experiencing mobility issues or pain.

In my class I focus on alignment, creating a strong core to support the body, and improving mobility and range of motion. Incorporating my experience with Ashatanga yoga and clinical massage therapy, you can anticipate an upbeat class for all levels that will get you moving and feeling refreshed at the end.

I am also a registered massage therapist through Massage New Zealand and am currently working towards my Bachelors in Health Studies. You can now book a massage with me through our GymMaster portal!

  1. Focus on strength (any specifics i.e. core) (5)
  2. Focus on balance (3)
  3. Focus on stretching/flexibility (4)
  4. Speed of transitions (2)
  5. Education level (5)
  6. Focus on breathe (4)
  7. Philosophical focus (2)
  8. Focus on relaxation (3)
  9. Amount of adaptions for beginners/conditions (4)