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Here at Adapted we are a real community, and everything we do has a relaxed and fun atmosphere - you will meet great friendly people and make friends. Here are some of the lovely people we get to work with and hopefully you will meet!


My name is Martina Phillips and I joined the adapted yoga and Pilates exactly a year ago.

Last year was a tough one for me as my baby brother passed away in unpleasant circumstances  just after Christmas , December 27 th 2017. 

I returned from from Ireland heart broken and spent a few months in a fog of grief. I now know I was just going through the motions in life.  

I had looked at the yoga advertisement and had  made a few attempts to join but didnt t follow through. By May I realized I had to do something to help myself gain strength mentally and physically. 

I then made contact again and this time I followed through with it. It just changed my life in a matter of weeks.

I now go at least 4 times a week. I love the strength I’m gaining physically but more so the strength I have gained mentally .

My husband and our two daughters began to see a change in me with a few weeks 

To me , Yoga is more than just one form of fitness. As our minds have a tendency to think in the past or future; so, while our bodies are in the present moment ,we have to practice keeping our minds and thoughts in the present too. 

For me I feel I’m gaining many physical and emotional health benefits.

The teachers are all amazing , with each individual teacher demonstrating to meet each individuals needs .

I find that each yoga teacher resonates with me and yet each have their own style. 

We have fun and lots of laughter’s not all serious and just about stretching as some might think ! 

As my year comes to a close I’ve enrolled again fir another year. 

It is part of my life . 

Thank you to all the team!



I am a bit of a sport nut and other than illness haven’t missed a Saturday sport day since I was 5. It has been soccer softball and baseball in Australia with a stint at running and triathlons. These days it is golf. 
I was introduced to Adapted by my Physio who was treating me for a dodgy back. That was August last year and since then after coming to 4 or 5 classes a week - no more dodgy back. I go to the morning classes at Rolleston and at first was a little nervous about being the only male student but the instructors and the ladies have been great and put up with my struggles with patience and the occasional laugh.
I have found with the back coming right my golf has improved dramatically. Being able to turn more freely has helped reduced my handicap by 3 shots – now playing off 5 and far more consistently. My friends all say I am practicing golf full time now. But I know it is not that – the only difference is my yoga.
That improvement all climaxed last weekend when our golf club team Harewood won the Final of the Christchurch Metro A interclub team’s event for which I was fortunate enough to both captain and play at number 1. 
Thank you Adapted for that – I am hooked and will be around for a while Still can’t touch my toes and the hamstrings are still way too tight – someone politely told me it could take 5 years. So, thanks Rebecca – you have me for a while yet.


I first started coming to Adapted in October last year. A friend dragged me along and I am very glad she did. I had just come back from 3 months holiday in Asia and was feeling a bit depressed about being back in Christchurch. I've thoroughly enjoyed growing stronger and more flexible the last 4 months. I have always had trouble with my balance and had weak core muscles so its been great working on these and feeling the improvements and changes. I genuinely think Ive grown a couple of inches as a result of all the stretching and twisting ( if you've met me you will know these inches were desperately needed (hahahah).

I love the team at adapted. They are super fun outgoing people who really know their stuff! Its always amazing leaving class and feeling simultaneously relaxed, stretched and sore. I especially love the community feel that adapted provides. I feel very privileged to be part of this growing family!


Jill is one of our wee Dynamos at the morning classes at Halswell, she always gives it her all while keeping the teachers in line at the same time. Jill was recently told she no longer has to have surgery for an old injury which we along with Jill are so excited about


Here is about about the lovely Jill.....


What are your favourite pastimes/hobbies? 

Patchwork Quilting, Walking, Travel, Cooking, & Reading.


Favourite Movie? 

Finding Your Feet


What motivates you to come to class? 

Because I know I will feel better afterwards.


What has improved for you? 

My wellbeing, and my left shoulder.


What do you like about our classes?

I love my teachers.


How has your life changed since coming to classes with us?

I have a lot more motivation, and a clear head.


Thanks Jill you are so much fun and energy!

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat x


Meet our most lovely, bubbly and very generous (she just gifted a whole house load of furniture to a stranger in need!)
Robyn joined our family for our kickstart last spring and she hasn't looked back. She has transformed her health and wellbeing, losing kg's, centimetres, body fat percentage and the most important changing her whole mindset.

Here's Robyn's story:

I’m a Technical Administrator at Opus where I have worked for the last 14 years. I am happy to say I do not sit down all day at work as I have a workstation that allows me to stand or sit. I usually do 50% of my day standing and 50% sitting.
I found Adapted through a friend Nicole she shared your link on Facebook which I saw when I was on an overseas holiday earlier this year. On this holiday Steve and I ate/drank way too much so I decided when I got home (we were away for 4 months in the UK) I was going to look after myself and Yoga/Pilates fitted right into my plan.
I love everything about Adapted Yoga and Pilates I think my friends and family maybe a tired of hearing how much I love it. I feel so much stronger after just doing this for only about 10 weeks. have started to feel so much stronger in these classes especially finding my core muscles (which I never believed I had) are holding me tall and strong in the high impact moves of Zumba.
I love resting in Childs Pose, I do love the balance poses – Tree I think it is my balance has improved so much already!!! Anything that challenges me as I just want to be able to
I have learnt that age shape or ability are no excuse – it is mind over matter.
My favourite mantra is ‘Fake in till you make it’. If you wake up not feeling great just get up get dressed and smile before you know it you are feeling great."
Thanks so much for your warm energy and enthusiasm Robyn we are loving having you as part of the family and watching you progress in leaps and bounds has been such an inspiration for us all!

Keep up the great work!


A huge appreciation for our amazing nurses!!

We have a lot of nurses here at Adapted (due to all of times available) and we love the physical challenge of nurses back, knees (etc etc!!),I think the most important thing however is helping uplift and restore the people that work odd hours looking after others all night (or day!) long. Here is the story of one of our many wonderful nurses:

Rajan has recently joined us for Kickstart, and has had some fantastic results including changing her lifestyle and losing body fat and weight. She is the most lovely person and has a gorgeous wee smile!

Here is her story:

"I found you on internet and then I was referred by my friend

I love the time when I am yoga classes, I like way your yoga teachers deal with us , and the relaxing environment.

I achieved a lot by attending the class, lost about 7 kg in about 2 months, more focused in my work now, more relaxed and wow I am off my blood pressure meds.

Chair pose , wow it burns magic calories , I think.

I mostly recommend my friends to try ,I usually say to everyone, you ll love it.

You all are doing awesome job

Thanks to all the teachers.


Kath is a wee bundle of energy which is amazing given she is busy saving lives and working big hours doing shift work. We get to see her throughout pretty much all of our venues and its always great to see the fab Kath in one of our classes. In her own words...


My motivation to come to class is to create maintain and improve flexibility ( and try and calm the monkey brain) I have found that I am more settled in my approach to life.

I really like Adapted due to the Flexibility (pun intended) of times and variety of teachers, I work shift work and I am able to get to a class every day off, I am not tied to being in the same place or time every week and the payment structure for unlimited classes works for me.

As I only moved back to Christchurch 15 months ago, after being away for nearly 20 years it has been a great way of meeting a lot of wonderful new people.


It has been a complete pleasure having the opportunity to work with you Kath and look forward to many more years with you (hopefully not all house build time!!)


My name is Di and I have been coming to yoga now since September last year. In April last year, my wonderful friend of 20+ years collapsed while out jogging. Soon after, she was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer, and from there on everything seemed to change in my life. Things took on a new focus, and what had been so important in my life no longer seemed to hold such urgency. I have always had a fast-paced life but after a lot of soul searching I resigned from my job, changed my focus and turned my attention to bringing more balance back into my world. Yoga has become a real rock for me. I have felt so welcomed and have loved meeting new and old friends at class. Our instructors are just gold, and have that wonderful ability to just "get us" and help us all take that next step. When I get on my mat, I feel safe and calm. I still struggle with lots of exercises, and know that I am on a journey that will go on for a lifetime, but I am so grateful for the insight my friend gifted to me, encouraging me to "get busy living or get busy dying". She is gone now, sadly, but will forever be with me in my thoughts every day. 2017 is so full of potential and excitement. A new house to build at Tai Tapu, landscaping to plan, and of course lots more yoga. And my big news. Last week my lovely man of ten years asked me to marry him. Guess what I said. 😘 Bring it on!

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