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Meet Julia

Our New Pilates Teacher

I came to New Zealand from Argentina 10 months ago with this amazing opportunity to finally live and work here. It´s my second time in New Zealand as I first came 3 years ago for holidays and I completely fell in love with the country.
I finally moved to Christchurch, a place where instantly felt like Home. I feel really grateful for being here and joining the Adapted family!

I started my career as a Dancer with lots of Yoga elements for flexibility and strength within different dance techniques such us Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Graham Technique and Fly Low Technique. I discovered that Yoga and Pilates had the proper exercises to improve my dancing so I got deep into it inspired by my Pilates Instructor who also started his career as a dancer. I felt inspired by his adaptability to change his classes according to the students needs. 

I have done my Pilates training in Argentina for 2 years and worked as a Pilates and Stretching teacher. I believe that Yoga and Pilates are wonderful techniques to gain strength, flexibility and balance.

My aim is to improve people´s life-style, to spread knowledge, to see the students getting to know themselves by understanding how their body works with a special focus on respect and honesty.

Meet Sophie

Our New Yoga Teacher

I am over the moon to be the newest member of the adapted team. Already I feel so at home with the other teachers, and happy with the strong sense of community within the students. 


I began my yoga journey after feeling exasperated from anxiety and PTSD post Christchurch Earthquake. My health and well-being had rapidly deteriorated, and I was longing for a sense of connection as well as improving fitness levels. Yoga helped me find that balance, and since 2016 I have practised most days. It is so rewarding to share the benefits of yoga to the wider community, as I know first hand how healing it can be. 


I live by the beach and love a morning swim, even in winter! I enjoy tramping, surfing, writing poetry, cooking and animals (especially dogs and horses). I am lucky enough to have travelled to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand in a recent trip, after having lived and worked in Portugal for 6 months in 2018. There is no place like home, however! I am fascinated with New Zealand and the stunning scenery, especially all the native trees and birds. 


I believe that fitness, health and well-being have a huge correlation with mental health- and the power of positive thinking and regular affirmations can have a great transformational effect on anyone wanting to shift their perspectives. Creating a ‘healthy habitat’ in our body and nourishing ourselves can really improve our lives, and yoga is a big part of that :) 

Meet Leisha

Our New Yoga Teacher

Hey everyone!

My name is Leisha. I was born and raised here in Christchurch, completing my degree in Human Nutrition at Otago University. I went on to study secondary Education which lead me to teaching in the health and nutrition sector at secondary schools. Along with my passion for health and fitness goes travel.

I have spent most of the the  last 8 years traveling the world and working as a European tour manager. I covered 6 continents and approximately 80 countries!

However, I decided last year that the time had come to settle down and spend more time with my family here in Christchurch, with 3 brothers and 6 nieces and nephews who are very much a big part of my daily life.

I have always enjoyed keeping active in a variety of ways, including hiking, dancing, walks with my dog and of course yoga.

I have enjoyed yoga retreats in different parts if the world,  and completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand in 2017. I have always enjoyed teaching, aiming to inspire and help others.

I was trained in Vinyasa flow style with some Yin yoga.

As a teacher I enjoy creating a flow like style in the classes, and giving my students a revitalizing work out. I believe alignment is incredibly important so will often focus on the specific cues, and also explaining the benefits of poses.

Moving forward I would love to incorporate my knowledge in nutrition with yoga to give students the best possible outcome for their health and wellbeing.

I really look forward to meeting the adapted family!

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