Spend 3 nights in the beautiful Mt Hutt area delving into your own physical Yoga practice and learning about the Philosophy of Yoga and yourself. This is NOT a retreat- it is an Intensive weekend where you will find yourself challenged emotionally and physically whilst making lifelong friendships with others and yourself. Accommodation and food is all supplied - what you need to bring is an enthusiasm to learn more about Yoga and about yourself.


This discovery weekend is a special time to take ourselves away from our usual daily routine and busy lifestyle. We will aim to stay true to yoga and discover the authenticity and integrity of yoga and its various aspects. To achieve this, we will give more time to immerse ourselves into the selfpractice and self-transformation through yoga, contemplation and meditations to overcome mental,
social, emotional, and physical barriers.
Our Expectations of You:
 During Asana (physical) practice we expect that your choice of clothing is respectful to yourself and others of different cultures and that for any outdoor activities including bush walks, the clothes and footwear that you wear are practical for your needs.
 You are allowed to bring your own food to the weekend, however we request please no meat- as this will slow your digestion and affect your practice. We are also fully catering all of your meals throughout the weekend.
 That you bring all of the linen and bedding that you need (for a single bed) including pillows,and towels.
 That you bring your own toiletries including sunblock and insect repellent, a day pack, a drink bottle, medications and clothing that you will need.
 That you will be sharing the facilities and room with other participants and will be mindful for your actions and behaviour.
 That you will observe silence after the lights-out and during the walks.
 That you report any pre-existing injury, medical condition or any pain or discomfort that may hinder you to perform activities.
 Please note that we will be in an outdoors environment which is subject to extremes in weather. You are expected to bring all of the clothing and footwear that you will need such as:
o Clothing to practice yoga in
o Clothing for outdoor activities including walking- good socks, a good jacket, sun hat, shorts and long pants, short sleeve tee/singlet and a warmer jersey, stable shoes for walking on uneven surfaces, a woolly hat, sunglasses, rain jacket. togs, comfortable footwear and clothing to wear around the lodge.
 There is a 100% no smoking, alcohol and drug use during the weekend
 Timeliness
 Respectfulness
 That you will look after your own safety and that of other people.
 Follow all instructions, rules, procedures and safe ways of working
 Report accidents and near misses
Your expectations of us:
The experience during the weekend may challenge you mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally. We will let you embrace the unknown, look yourself in the eye and back yourself to succeed. Please have an expectation that you will view yourself and the world in a different way after this weekend.
 We will support you throughout this weekend of Yoga and Self-discovery.
 We will choose challenge over comfort; commitment over chit chat; outdoor splendour over stuffiness; how to think over what to think.
 We will provide you ample opportunity to spend time in exploring, engaging, rediscovering yourself and your values.
 We will provide a high energy weekend with little downtime but still perfectly balanced for those looking for physical challenge and those seeking a reflective experience.
 We will be providing you with training in open style yoga, advance yogasana and breathing practice will be practiced.
 There will be a strong focus on philosophy and individualised yogasana.
 We will be providing you with daily meals (vegetarian/vegan).
 All equipment required for outdoor activities and Yoga practice including philosophy discussions will be provided.
 We practice cultural acceptance.
 We are trained in first aid and the emergency procedures required for the venue.
 We will do everything possible to remove or reduce the risk of harm to you, find out what caused incidents and injuries and prevent them from happening again and make sure all accidents and near misses are written down in the Accident Register
 Know about all the hazards and risks at the venue and know about and follow all health and safety laws (legislation).

 The total cost of $549 in total (room sharing basis) for the discovery weekend includes all teachings, accommodation and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals. The discovery weekend is suitable for beginners and those who are more advance in their practice. 

Cancellation Policy
Once you have paid in full and secured your spot,
If you choose to cancel:
 Within 4 weeks of the course we will refund 75% of your fee.
 Within 2 weeks of the course we will refund 50% of your fee.
 Anything later will be non-refundable

Discovery Weekend Shared Bunk Bed Accomodation

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