In the eyes of the beholder

August 3, 2016

Over the years I have met so many inspirational and amazing people, I met one yesterday in the carpark whilst loading the kids into the ute after class.


The first thing I noticed about her was how long she was taking to unload her car- then I realised she had a new baby. She didn't look like a new mum- she was stylish and looked amazing, her 3 year old daughter was dressed (nicely!)  and well behaved (really??!!)- this woman looked like she had it all together- I mean she was venturing out to the library at lunchtime!!!


I just had to say hello and tell her how amazing she was- she was blown away- she explained that she didn't feel at all how she looked and that she not only had a new child but was starting her own business at the same time!! Yes she really was a super mum - she just really didn't know it.


There are so many people out there- they look so perfect, so amazing, so damn gorgeous, so , well together and they are always lovely people to talk too......yet.......what or who do they see staring back in the mirror back at them?


Who do you see staring back in the mirror at you ??? (that's if you even got to look at a mirror!!!....)


Maybe we all should go out of our way just once a day and let that friend, family member - complete stranger know how amazing and inspiring they are- imagine how it might change their journey and maybe just a little bit of how they see themselves?


Maybe we should take a second a question whether how we perceive ourselves is actually correct????




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