Big Girl Knickers, Mum Life and Being Grateful

September 12, 2016

This year has been a bit of a challenge....


I am sitting here writing this with a list of hundreds of other things to do, feeling like I have been hit by a bus and trying to decide if I really do need to run out and rescue my washing. I have the serenading sound of my son screaming from his room angry that he has to have a nap and I am surrounded by mess.


This year we have had more bugs than a preschool- I have honestly vomited more times this year than both pregnancies combined (I think I have vomited for a good part of 1 year in total over the past 4 years....)

My hubby had an accidental 'The Hangover' Experience in Las Vegas which has resulted in an ongoing concussion and discussion with the travel insurance company... he also seems to be injuring himself .. a lot lately (pre concussion!!maybe he has a crush on the physio??)

We have managed to break nearly every appliance in the house including the fire on the coldest weekend of the year. And obviously the challenges of running a business and 2 children never seems to end!


And yes I completely understand how minimal this is in the grand scheme of things- in fact what am I whingeing about at all?


No-one is in hospital, we have a house, we both have jobs, great friends and family.


It just seems, well.


No matter how hard we work there is always a curve ball... sometimes it just feels that the hard work may never come to an end. The never ending nights of playing tag team with my hubby, the endless, never-ending and soul destroying mess of our house, being covered in vomit, snot, food and scratch marks, the relentless whys and I am not your friend anymore, the whingeing!! Always striving and always feeling that dismal sense of guilt or failure... not always remembering when I actually last showered and the never-ending to do list and every night...tomorrow I will put some make up on I will even go for a run!!! (ha !!)


Now if that is true - that the balance of life seems to be that there will always be a challenge .....what do we need to do to enjoy this journey more, to appreciate the sheer fact we are four and yes we may vomit together and cry together and have toddler tantrums together but at least we are lucky enough to have each other!!


On the other is nice just to have a little but of a cry and a whinge sometimes too isn't it!!!


Right time to dust off the big girl knickers and put them back on! Hopefully this time when I cough I won't wet them again ......




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