The Stress Cycle

November 23, 2016


With the recent earthquake, I came in contact with so many people who were actually worn out and stressed… Talking to them I realised that they are actually trapped in a Stress Cycle which they are not able to break…. Here are few helpful tips for everyone to release stress and anxiety…

Before you learn how to overcome your stress cycle, first understand what it is…….


The stress cycle

If stress has been ongoing, a pattern of stress may form. As a result, stress reactions cause more problems and this causes more stress. This is called the stress cycle. Once established, stress can become a lifestyle. Long term stress will undermine health and may cause illnesses. Getting over stress means breaking the stress cycle.


Now, few simple but very realistic tips to overcome it…..


Many simple pleasures will make a big difference to stress. Enjoyment is the best antidote to stress



  • Do regular rhythmic physical exercise such as Yoga, walking, swimming, cycling

  • Make an effort to reduce or at least not to increase your intake of stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco and sugar as they keep the stress cycle going

  • Eat regular, well-balanced meals even if they are small.



  • Keep regular contact with people you like to be with

  • Ask for help when you need it, many people enjoy giving help ( even we at adapted have started Pay it forward)

  • Make time to be with your family or friends

  • Talk to people you trust about yourself and what is happening so you can get it into perspective.


  • Do regular relaxation exercises such as deep breathing (which I always focus in my classes) , listening to quiet music, meditation

  • Do something about bodily tension such as massage or exercises

  • Rest regularly, even if you can only do it for a short time

  • Try to find something that will make you laugh sometimes.( believe me laughing is the best medicine …..that is why I try to make my classes as jovial as I can )


Remember , it is all in our mind …..It is all our mind and our will power which can make as emotionally weaker or stronger…. So just keep on telling yourself….. All Is Well …..


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