The Art Of Adulting

December 20, 2016

Who else wishes they were Peter Pan and stay young forever?!



It’s funny, I don’t know about you but when I was younger I was always so eager to become a ‘grown-up’ now that I am here I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to treasure those years.


Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful for what I have and wouldn’t want to change that - awesome husband, mother to two beautiful boys, a lovely house.


But being young was so much fun - summer days seemed longer and warmer, loneliness didn’t really seem to exist.


Unfortunately as far as I know it is pretty much impossible to be Peter Pan, but that doesn’t mean that at times we can’t look at life through the eyes of a child - so from now on I am going to make it a goal to start having fun, stop rushing and to treasure every little thing.

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