Getting Re Energised as the Weather gets Colder

April 26, 2017

As the winter is approaching we are also moving towards the laziness and inactivity. This is the time where we have to take care of ourselves more. Because of cold conditions our body requires warmth, otherwise it is easy to get a stiff body during winter.  Furthermore the nasal passage (nose) gets blocked very easily and most of the diseases related to Nose and Throat are mainly caused by this blockage. Accumulation of dust and mucus (impurities) in the Nose leads the many diseases related to breathing. 

Therefore, we need to learn simple techniques that helps us to clean the air passage and keep us ready for the day. There are various techniques to start, but I prefer to start with simple yet effective yog kriya, so first one is pranayama technique surya bhedi, for this practice:


1 Sit comfortably on floor or on the chair

2 Keep your back upright and supported (if you are on chair), take few normal breaths, now

3 Close your left nasal passage with your thumb, and

4 Start inhalation and exhalation from your right nasal passage (in starting you will do 3-4 second inhalation and exhalation) practice for 2-3 more breaths and relax.

5 Repeat the same again for another 3-4 times, and gradually increase the amount of breathing cycles.


Second yoga kriya is one the most common practice yet very important to follow in winter and that is Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) perform minimum 5 rounds of surya namskar early morning and you will be ready for the day. Because surya namaskar helps your spine, major joints of the body to move and creates more mobility.


With the help of these two you can start your day and flush away the tiredness and gain fresher and active body.


It is always good to keep things simple, especially when you do not have much time to prepare yourself for the day.

Om Peace,

Love to you all

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