The Power of Learning How to BE

May 21, 2017

I am really lucky I am surrounded by high achieving hugely successful - right from my own family, my husband's inspiring family, our friends, our fabulous teachers, our community (especially the awesome preschool!) and or course the wonderful people we get to work with everyday.


You would not believe their stories. The heights of success they have achieved, the barriers and in some cases seemingly overwhelming challenges they have faced in their journey to fabulous is amazing and awe inspiring.


Here's the thing .... a majority of them (YOU!!) do not realise how amazing, inspiring and successful they are.


I guess we can blame it on society- it appears everyone is better, happier and more successful and we are trained to feel that 'this' the here and now is well, not enough.


It also comes a bit down to ourselves and how we value a) ourselves and b) our achievements.


Essentially we all feel we are not good enough, we are not succeeding to the level we should be, we don't look, act , feel how we 'should be'


I have talked to so many people who feel they are failing, flailing and spiralling. Looking from the outside every single one of these people appear to be their own image of what success looks like (um Chris Cornell anyone???)


This constant perception of not being enough, of failing, of needing to be and do more is essentially draining not only ourselves, but our partners, children and our communities.


What would happen if we could start to believe what others tell us, how they celebrate our fabulous, how our loved ones look at us (like there is nothing more special on earth) and essentially start to believe that little voice inside of us that we try to ignore - that we are ok and we are doing pretty damn well?


What would happen if we celebrated success in its most beautiful essence- being there with your kids, being kind, listening, adding value (not monetary!!!) to the things and people we touch as much if not more than other forms of celebrated success- money, possessions, fashionable beauty?


What would happen if you chose to listen to the kind and loving voice within you that tells you- hey you are ok vs the voice that tells you how fat, shabby, unfit, lazy (hahaha I know very little lazy people), selfish, unsuccessful and all the jobs you "should' be doing?


What if you actually are ok?


What if you actually are great. Now?


What would you do differently?



Maybe its time to start to flick the switch. Stop. Breathe. Smile. Be.


Give it a crack you might surprise yourself!!!








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