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Thank you Martina, for your strength and personal dedication. To see your growth has been incredible.










My name is Martina Phillips and I joined the adapted yoga and Pilates exactly a year ago. Last year was a tough one for me as my baby brother passed away in unpleasant circumstances just after Christmas , December 27th 2017.
I returned from from Ireland heart broken and spent a few months in a fog of grief. I now know I was just going through the motions in life.
I had looked at the yoga advertisement and had made a few attempts to join but didn't follow through. By May I realized I had to do something to help myself gain strength mentally and physically. I then made contact again and this time I followed through with it. It just changed my life in a matter of weeks. I now go at least 4 times a week. I love the strength I’m gaining physically but more so the strength I have gained mentally .
My husband and our two daughters began to see a change in me with a few weeks. To me , Yoga is more than just one form of fitness. As our minds have a tendency to think in the past or future; so, while our bodies are in the present moment ,we have to practice keeping our minds and thoughts in the present too. For me I feel I’m gaining many physical and emotional health benefits. The teachers are all amazing , with each individual teacher demonstrating to meet each individuals needs . I find that each yoga teacher resonates with me and yet each have their own style. We have fun and lots of laughter’s not all serious and just about stretching as some might think ! As my year comes to a close I’ve enrolled again fir another year.
It is part of my life .Thank you to all the team!


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