Alice’s classes are an amazing experience. Her classes are themed and are layoured to compliment not just our physical practice of Yoga, also integrating breathe, philosophy and sound. Here is a little about Alice and how she integrates Yoga into her day to day life.

Every morning I sit and meditate. I have been doing this for nearly 7 years. I sit on my cushion and hit play on my phone. This starts my day the same way a 6 am coffee does. If I wake up tired, stressed, overwhelmed or even excited, this morning meditation practice shifts my mood sometimes dramatically, sometimes minutely. To sit means to be in yourself. To set up a healthy seat in yoga, meditation and daily life can change how your feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Such a seat can change the way your hips and back feel, how your heart is positioned and where your mind goes.

When I started doing yoga my flexibility had a lot to be desired. Seated poses, particularly forward bends were not a love. I found them hard (mostly because I wanted to touch my toes), but my legs were not open enough at that time. I would hear a teacher say, forward bends and I would sigh! UGH! (I’m sure you can relate). Over time with consistent daily practice and my discovery of yin yoga (watch this space for more on this), I managed to find my seat. I began feel open in my hips and thighs enough to sit tall and fold softly.

As standing allows us to expand outward and upward, for me to sit felt like an opportunity to go deeper into myself. As Danna Faulds says “Go in and in.” To feel close to the earth and therefore close to myself. A practice of literally sitting with myself. Such a meditation practice has informed my yoga practice and the way I teach yoga. A powerful seat gives powerful presence in every moment.