Julia is our wonderful Argentinean Pilates teacher. She creates classes that intertwine the concepts of Pilates with movement and music. Her classes are fun, vibrant and energising. We love the fun and laughter that always erupts whenever Julia is teaching!

Here is a bit of her story.

I started dancing when I was 9 years old motivated by my auntie to help loose weight. Jazz dancing sounded like a good fun to me! 

My first foot on the stage with jazz high heels in a 9 year old body dancing the can-can was the most beautiful first experience. That’s how I discovered that music and dancing were an absolute must to have fun and be entertained. 

With the years and some back injuries developed from a small scoliosis and a couple of twisted ankles I started taking Pilates classes in my favourite and most professionally dance studio I’ve found in the city centre of Buenos Aires.

I started very quickly to have a huge improvement in my dance movements and a relief in my back and ankle injuries. I realized how important is to build up strength for anything we want to do in life. 

I used Pilates for dancing, for lifting or picking up things, for walking, for tying my hair. Everything was Pilates, posture and core strength. 

The combination of using Pilates techniques to dance is my passion. I always felt inspired by music, at such a high point in that each dance class I was creating a different story through the proposed choreograph and the music. 

The emotions play a huge role in this for me, without the feelings dancing will only be just another technique and fitness for the body.