Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Yoga Teacher Training

What our students have to say

Adapted provide a great teacher training program. Experienced teachers that support you throughout the whole journey. A comprehensive mix of philosophy and physical learning to help you feel fully prepared and confident as a new teacher.

Lisa King

Yoga Teacher

“I have gained so much from my Adapted Yoga and Pilates yoga teacher; personally and professionally. Thank you to Rebecca and Tilak.”

Catherine McKnight

Yoga Teacher

“The course is not just learning how to instruct people to do yoga; it goes profoundly deeper. A lot of it comes down to imrpovement of the self, self-realisation and appreciation of your role in society. I would thoroughly recommend the course, but only to people who are genuinely commited to the journey, and not just a means to an end.”

Mike Wilson

Yoga Teacher

“We received continuous guidance, feedback, and reassurance. Their honesty and empathy made us all feel very safe to make mistakes, and to accept negative feedback without feeling bad. They provided us countless opportunities to practice our skills in our educational classes, workshops, and classes with Yoga students. They also prompted the Yoga students to provide us feedback as Teacher Trainees, which I found to be invaluable.”

Sarah Jackson

Yoga Teacher

“Our teachers ensured we had an excellent understanding, and prompted discussion and questions often. They would also often check in with us with how we were getting on in our personal lives (professionally), so they could offer us extra support to maintain a high standard throughout the course if we needed it. I would highly recommend doing this course. Tilak and Rebecca were beyond incredible.”

“Tilak and Rebecca are really supportive, both during the training and outside the training. So any questions or anything they are both really approachable.”

Charmaine Aitken

Yoga Teacher

“Tilak is a very good teacher trainer. He has decades of hands on experience, he has a deep understanding of the human body, mind and soul. He is patient and always has time to help where he can. It was a privilege to train under him. I enjoyed the training. It was life changing. I learned all I need to start my journey as a yoga teacher.”

Nadine Prinsloo

Yoga Teacher

“Tilak has an un-surpassing wealth of knowledge, and is an excellent teacher. I could not have imagined having a better teacher to assist with my journey of Yoga. I was able to learn so much from him. His kindness and empathy shone all throughout his teaching style. Myself and others had a lot of psychological safety with him, and were able to challenge and discuss difficult topics without feeling like it would reflect negatively upon us (all discussions were of course conducted in a constructive manner).”

In their own words, Charmaine (2016) and Mike (2017) describe their experiences with the teacher training program. Both are current or past teachers at Adapted Yoga and Pilates.


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