How to Teach

Yoga Teacher Training at Adapted Yoga and Pilates

Yoga Teacher Training  Programme Module

A 4 week module that layers the skills of how to teach Yoga- sequencing, cueing, observation, purpose, modification and adjustment. These skills will be developed for face to face group class teaching, online teaching and one on one teaching. There will be a strong focus on how to integrate the different methodologies of Yoga and Yoga philosophy into a session.

Yoga How to Teach Course

About this programme module

Each week you are expected to complete:

  • Observe, assist and/ or teach in a minimum of 3 community Yoga classes a week and provide feedback on each class (Adapted provide you with these opportunities)
  • 3x 2hr online theory sessions
  • 4x 9hr days of teaching practice

This module is suitable for:

  • Anyone that wants to complete their 200RYT qualification- this is the second stage of training.
  • Anyone that wants to upskill their current teaching (many Yoga trainings do not provide a large opportunity to practice and learn the teaching aspect)
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to teach Yoga

What do you need to be able to complete this module?

  • Ability to communicate a good level of understanding of Yoga philosophy and methodologies
  • A commitment to observing and considering student (s) and their needs
  • Understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of Yoga methodology
  • To be available to all of the sessions – there is a huge value in group learning and participation and this is why this is a large component of the training.

What you do not need

  • To be the best, most flexible, strongest person – as we adapt our methodologies to suit the participant, as long has you have experience a high level of physical ability is not required
  • To be book smart- different learning styles are supported so learning is presented in written, verbal, hands on and recorded format.
  • Any flash gear- we provide all of the equipment and learning materials required.

We welcome expressions of interest and applications. Entry to the program is based on the maturity and committed-ness of the prospective student; it is not open on a first come first serve basis.

Next start date: 26th July 2021


What our students have to say

“Adapted provide a great teacher training program. Experienced teachers that support you throughout the whole journey. A comprehensive mix of philosophy and physical learning to help you feel fully prepared and confident as a new teacher.”

Lisa King

Yoga Teacher

“I have gained so much from my Adapted Yoga and Pilates yoga teacher; personally and professionally. Thank you to Rebecca and Tilak. “

Catherine McKnight

Yoga Teacher

“Tilak is a very good teacher trainer. He has decades of hands on experience, he has a deep understanding of the human body, mind and soul. He is patient and always has time to help where he can. It was a privilege to train under him. I enjoyed the training. It was life changing. I learned all I need to start my journey as a yoga teacher. “

Nadine Prinsloo

Yoga Teacher