About Adapted

Yoga and Pilates classes throughout Christchurch, adapted for your needs, and enabling everyday people to become their best.

About Us

Our Mission

Adapt Yoga and Pilates to enable everyday people to become their best.

Adapted means exactly that. We adapt Yoga and Pilates to work for you.

Each class no matter the time, location or teacher, is personalised to you and your needs.

We work for you. What you want and what you need, on and off  the mat.

If you want a community that not only understands but cares for you, Adapted is the family for you.

Comprehensive support via phone, email, face to face.

Each session and class is prepared for you.

Friendly family feeling.

Community that supports each other and those around them.

Highest awarded Yoga and/or Pilates studio in New Zealand.

Expect improved flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation and a lot of fun!

Years in The Business

Classes Per Week

Class Locations

Why Us?

Reasons to Join Us

Classes are Adapted to YOU

We literally plan each class for the students booked, then adapt to each person throughout the class – adapted levels and poses for each person, ensuring they are safe no matter what.



Wrap around service, far off the mat

Lets make it simple – we care about you. We will call if you are not at classes, we will be celebrating your successes and helping you out when things go wrong – even if that means dropping you off a meal or organising some cleaning.

Flexible to what you need

Multiple class venues and more classes than anywhere else. You have the ability to come to class when it suits you, and even put your classes on hold or cancel if need be.

Personal assessment and ongoing tracking

We offer free personal assessments and are tracking your progress for you throughout your journey with us. You have easy access to this and your own home library of exercises in your personal, easy to use App and booking system.

We are all everyday people

All ages, sizes, health conditions, injury status and ability levels. We specialise with the absolute beginners – men and women. Whether you are completely new to yoga, need something to manage stress, or are recovering from an injury. Whether you are 18 or 75!

Helping you become your best

Our mission is to help everyday people become their best. Adapted is more than just yoga classes; we are a community of people that will help you, on and off the mat. We want to help you become the best you can be.



What our community have to say

“Adapted is like a family they are very welcoming, there’s no judgement on abilities and they praise when you reach your goals.”

“Fantastic, inclusive teachers and staff make members feel empowered to improve their own health and wellbeing.”

“They have made it easy for me as a beginner to feel relaxed learning new ways of moving.”

“I love the personal approach, they are all really good at remembering names etc. and they are down to earth and easy to relate to. “

“Rebecca and her team are both professional and caring not only for us as clients but also in the wider community. It is a privilege to belong to a great adapted yoga and pilates family.”

“I just love coming to classes. I feel valued and everyone is so friendly.”

Ready to Become Your Best?

Our Yoga and Pilates classes enable everyday people to become their best. We work for you. What you want and what you need, on and off the mat. If you want a community that not only understands but cares for you, then Adapted is the family for you.