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I’m not a yogi, but I do head to a class when I can to stretch out and feel better. BUT if you see me in lycra shoot me please!

I’m Jeremy (Jed) and I’m Rebecca’s worse half. I’m not from any sort of yoga, pilates, health or fitness background, in fact the near opposite. I’m the beer drinking, steak eating guy from a Transport and Manufacturing management career where big hours and big stress were part of the job. But when the opportunity arose in 2017 to come across and join my wife and make Adapted a true family business I was over the moon. I really enjoy the community that Adapted has created, and the fact that as a community we can make a difference in peoples lives, and not just in the Yoga & Pilates class! You may not see me at classes everyday, but you will find me on the phone, or email, and helping the operation behind the scenes.

Jeremy - Adapted Owner

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