Pay it Forward

Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and sometimes life feels like one big curve ball! That's why we have initiated our `Pay It Forward' support. Essentially this is your fellow classmates chipping in and helping out.

So what does that mean??

We can help organise meals, we can do dog walking, pet minding, babysitting, gardening, lawn mowing, rides, grocery pickups, housework...pretty much what you need to help manage this time in your life. We are all volunteering to help you, paying it forward. 
Want to help or ask for a helping hand? We all need it from time to time and why not share the love and the karma?

Just get in touch at:

VIP Club

This is our private Facebook group that allows you to not only connect with each other outside of class but we also love to share heaps of helpful information. From nutritional advice, home sequences, time management and stress management to all the little things in between :)

Community Work

​We are constantly supporting local community groups with resources, support and charity work. If you would like us to help out with your organisation or community effort, please just get in touch via

Here is who we have helped out lately:

Christchurch Aunties, our 2017 Charity: 25 hours of volunteering, $3500 in donations

Halswell Community

Halswell Plunket Group

Prebbleton Plunket Group
Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Gift of Knowledge

Shakti Women's Refuge Christchurch


Canterbury Indian Women Group

Lighthouse Preschool

Halswell Hornets

Halswell Rescue Effort

Make New Friends

We know that having a friend that you meet at class will help your motivation... so why not meet some fun and lovely people just like you at class?

Pop into the cafe and have a chat after class! 

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