Our New location in Halswell is just down the street from Te Hapua (our previous venue)! This new space has been a long time coming and we are so excited to share this moment with our Adapted Family. This location is decked out with a open waiting area, private changing room, and two bathrooms (one with a shower).

There is ample parking at this location both in the car park and on the street.

Class Times 

MON 9:30AM

MON 5:00PM MON 6:15PM MON 7:30PM

TUE 9:30AM TUE 6:15PM TUE 7:30PM

WED 8:15AM

WED 9:30AM

WED 5:00PM

WED 6:15PM WED 7:30PM

THU 9:30AM THU 5:00PM THU 6:15PM THU 7:30PM

FRI 8:15AM FRI 9:30AM FRI 6:15PM

SAT 8:15AM SAT 9:30AM

SUN 8:15AM SUN 9:30AM SUN 4:00PM

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