In Christchurch there are lots and lots of options when it comes to beginners Yoga and beginners Pilates

So what should you be looking for in a class- where is the right place for you?


This is such an important thing to consider, as each person is different and has different wants. Each Yoga studio & Pilates studio in Christchurch caters to a different group of people and their different wants.

What is the experience that you are seeking?

  • Are you wanting mats and props provided free of charge or do you want to bring your own?
  • Do you want to use complicated equipment?
  • Is car parking a priority for you?
  • Are you happy in a community hall/old church or would you prefer a prettier space?
  • Do you want to be an unseen number or an integral part of a community?
  • What locations work best for your daily life?
  • Do you want a class that is quiet or full of laughter?
  • Are you wanting to slowly learn or are you happy to jump in with pre choreographed class?
  • How would you like your restrictions worked with? (ignored and left to self manage or supported and guided through options)

When we consider what our own parameters are when we are looking at where to start, it makes it easier to decide which Christchurch Yoga or Christchurch Pilates will suit you as a beginner. Remember, there is no right or wrong in the answers above, it is what works best for you. For example our sister studio works with a different ethos to support different people. There is no right or wrong way to do Yoga nor Pilates in Christchurch. It is about finding an experience that will work for your situation and make it easier to bring it into a regular part of your life.

Beginners Yoga Chch


We find many beginners to Yoga & Pilates start their journey either as a result of injuries or because their medical team have referred them to Yoga or Pilates to help them manage their medical conditions.

First of all, please let the teacher and the studio know before your class. It makes it easier for everyone to have options and support prepared for you, and some classes may just not be safe (such as classes in heat or certain levels). It will make your first experience better for everyone.

Please do not ‘try to fit in’ and either ignore pain experiences or feelings of discomfort. Take a moment and feel free to communicate with your teacher about your experience. The last thing you want is to add another injury to the list!

If you do have a few things that you are concerned about it may be helpful for you to arrange a time to sit down and talk about them before you start. That way you can have a good plan before your first class. This will help you feel more empowered and a bit more confident. We have our free consultations exactly for this reason to find out more about you, and help create a plan of what will work best for you in classes.

We have lots of ways of managing all kinds of injuries and medical conditions with Yoga & Pilates, sadly no teacher is psychic so please communicate!

Beginners yoga for injuries medical conditions


The easiest way we are finding our more nervous students are getting started is to use our online beginners Yoga classes & our beginner pilates classes. Every class is catered to beginners, they are live and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the biggest concerns we hear about our beginner yoga & pilates online classes are:

How will I know I’m doing things properly?- As with every beginner yoga  or beginner pilates studio class we are watching you and giving you constant feedback throughout the class, as a teacher I find its easier to provide corrections and modifications online than it is in a studio class.

How will I be kept accountable?- Because you book these classes the same way you would a studio class, if you just do not turn up or we dont see you for a week or two- we will be in touch to check in that you are ok.

I might just slack off- Ah well this is an interesting one- we can observe your effort and capacity whilst teaching. This is where conversation is important- some students we encourage and motivate more than others- however this is a great gift that we learn with our Yoga and Pilates practice, of how to practice with intent and purpose to the correct intensity to what we need on a given day.

Personally I think the live online classes are a fabulous tool in your practice- they are easy to access, fun and removes the perceived scariness of going into a face to face class. So if you are a bit nervous about getting started maybe live online Yoga or Pilates classes will be a great way to get started.

Beginners online Yoga


Starting to consider ways to feel more energised, healthier, relaxed, stronger, more flexible and fitter is awesome. As with anything a little bit of preparation is incredibly helpful to ensuring you have a fab experience.

Please make sure that you take action, as the perfect plan means nothing without action. We have had students take 4 years preparing themselves to get started.

I promise you there is no perfect time to start.

Life is not perfect.

Everyday life is messy, chaotic and busy. That’s why we practice Yoga & Pilates. To help us rise above this and be able to get a deeper more enriched fulfillment from our day to day.

To wait for the perfect time, is to be unfair to yourself.

As you want to start your beginners Yoga or beginners Pilates journey, in your normal day to day, that way you can learn the many skills that Yoga & Pilates teaches us whilst in the trenches so you can apply these ideas straight away, and see the benefits.

Rather than wait for the day that may not come.


Well done on the first step of your journey!

All the best for your next steps as you dip your toes in. Whether it be a class at home or in a studio, in a group or as a one on one.

If you have a question, or would like a chat feel free to reach out!

Beginners Yoga Christchurch