Yes, it is certainly that time of the year where its easy to pull up the covers or stay sitting on the couch in the warm, when you really know what would be more beneficial to feeling fabulous, fitter, stronger and have less pain.

So how is it that some people can seem to so focused and consistent, when you feel like you are constantly fighting the excuse monsters????

Firstly discipline and consistency and just like any other muscle- the more you use them, the stronger they get. The same goes for making excuses and breaking your commitments to yourself. Just like any other muscle- there are days where you will feel stronger than others, and on the days you might be struggling there are a few techniques that you can use to help you do, what you know will help you feel better.

One of my favourite techniques is Plug n Chug. Super simple: Here’s the PLUG part:

  1. Identify what you want – ie I want  to feel better- less pain, better sleep, more energy and feel health & fitter.
  2. State what you are prepared to sacrifice (yup everything comes at a cost)- ie I am happy to invest the time I spend on the couch looking at screens 2 times a week
  3. What actions do you KNOW will lead you towards what you want- ie I know I don’t like the gym, but I KNOW that I feel great after going to a Yoga (Pilates) class. I know that once a week is not enough for me and I feel great adding 2x movement into my week. This part can be hard and this is where sitting down for a no sweat intro is a great way to get on the right track for you. (side note here- because you KNOW without a doubt that these actions will create wins, and you have already confirmed what you are ready to give up to do them – remind this to the questioner that will come along and try and pick your new plan apart- you will not need a new plan you just NEED TO STICK TO YOUR PLAN – SEE CHUG BELOW)
  4. Break down each specific step required for you to achieve the actions above
    1. Contact the studio,
    2. Book a no sweat intro to help solidify my plan and make it less scary to start,
    3. Attend my agreed appointment
    4. Follow the recommended membership link so I save money
    5. Download the app to book my classes
    6. Book my classes weekly during my weekly planning time and link these to my calendar,
    7. Every morning I have class, I will put my workout clothes out ready to change into so I have less excuses before class.
    8. Attend the class you book

Easy??? Questions? Just comment below and we will help you out x


This is the hard part. Now CHUG through those agreed actions. Put the gear out, book the classes, attend the classes repeat.

DO NOT expect this to be constantly joyous, easy, nor a field full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere. There will be days you want to make excuses, there will be days the couch monster wants to eat you, there will be days it is cold/hot/wet/windy, there will be days when you just don’t wanna. Yup, that is normal. You made a commitment to yourself and plugged in all the steps you needed to feel…. I want  to feel better- less pain, better sleep, more energy and feel health & fitter. When you follow the actions that you were willing to sacrifice- what is the outcome you will get? When you follow the actions you plugged in for yourself what is the outcome you will get?

Just CHUG through the work. CHUG through the actions. You do not have to enjoy them, find them exciting, nor even fulfilling. You know these actions WILL work- you just have to CHUG through them.


This is where the UGLY comes in.

Not all actions to be kind to the future you are nice.

Not all actions of self love are pretty.

To be honest, most of the effective ones are ugly.

Drink the water, eat the veges, get outside, prioritise your sleep, move, listen to your loved ones, be present, plan your week, do the chores, do the task……….

UGLY, but very very effective.

So just do the ugly, you don’t have to enjoy it, like it, be passionate about it, be good at it (that will come I promise), look fab whilst you do it, most of all- you don’t even have to deserve it. You don’t have to be a nice, wonderful person to be successful. You just have to chug through the cycle of ugly actions over & over again. It doesn’t matter if you ‘deserve’ it or not. You just have to do the thing.


The challenge is that we will often have a list of many habits or actions that we know we need to do: ie I want to be healthier, probably means habits around movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management etc.

NO !!!!! you cannot do all of the things perfectly all of the time!!!

Hence why we habit stack. Pick the easiest habit that will give you the most outcome for the least amount of effort- nail that.

Then stack just one more habit the same ways as the plug n chug above, the next easiest habit that will give you the most outcome for the least amount of effort.

Now I recommend this from my own experience- just get sorted with one habit at a time. Now I know there will be a voice inside of you screaming…… but I will achieve nothing I need to achieve it all (often in a short amount of time) or I won’t stay motivated. Lets be honest motivation is BS. If motivation was constant and a reliable factor to success the more motivational memes there were the more successful we would all be…… get my drift?

I want you to be successful, to show yourself that you can make habits easy and even one day enjoyable. Promise, you overestimate what you can achieve in a short time and underestimate the incredible things you can accomplish in a short time.

Simple, simple, simple. Stick to the simple!

  • Plug in the plan that is required for the outcomes you want (and the sacrifices you are open to having)
  • Chug through the work
  • Do the ugly- even when you don’t want to

Stack your habits- avoid trying to change the world in one foul swoop

Let us know if you want a hand with this- as you know we offer no sweat intros to sit down and go through this together & support you as you start improving your health & vitality.

Looking forwards to hearing about your success!

Your Adapted Yoga & Pilates team!