It is incredible about how many people ask us – what does the Adapted mean?
We adapt our services to you.
Each class & session is guided & prescribed to the individual.
( That is why we do our free no Sweat intros πŸ™Œ)
Our mission is to educate, guide & support our students as individuals, to be able to move with awareness & connection.
So what does that look like for you?
🦿Painfree alignment- being able to move your body effectively, efficiently without pain
🧘Mobility – having the freedom to move & do what you physically want to do
πŸ’ͺStrength & Tone – Feel & look strong
πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ Balance & posture – not only improving your balance but also having a better balance throughout your body (oh and a fab posture 😘)
πŸƒFeel fit – That feeling of capacity, abundance and so. much. energy.
In essence.
We cater to your needs to help you feel your best.