It’s the first day of Spring & as I drove into class today under the literal light of the blue moon, it was hard not to feel the layers of winter falling away.

Each season has its reason.

But how good is the feeling of Spring?!

New growth, new life, warmth. It is like everyone around us starts to open up a little bit more, smile bigger and laugh a bit longer. Winter allows us to rest & restore and Spring brings us a growing sense of energy.

So how to harness such energy?

It is easy to set a to do list, big expectations and find ourselves in a mid Spring hole of overwhelm.

Maybe, this year could be different. Yes, definitely set intentions, goals, make your lists (yes we know about your lists!) just allow some time to review the actions (& how realistic they may be) that are required. A quick tip- if you look at the actions required for the intention you have & they do not look sustainable on your hardest week- maybe you need to rethink the timeframes you are allowing yourself or the level that you are setting you bar at (right now). We all struggle to recognise the magnitude of what can be achieved with small & consistent, yet over estimate the outcomes we can create with short & hard.

It is really helpful to sit down with someone else & discuss your intentions & plans. They will help you keep accountable and realistic. Often we can all put things through the complicator when we plan alone, the complicator is famous for leading to procrastination or falling off the wagon early in the journey!

So what can be some good actions that Spring naturally encourages?

  • The great Spring clean- this can be your home, possessions, your habits & even your body!
    • A handy tip check out if you are looking for a home/possession declutter
    • Letting go of the old to allow for the new is a fabulous way of looking at this- so also remember to allow space & contemplation to ensure the new is the right new for you!
    • It can be easy to find a path that tries to lead us to outward perfection, to creating a bubble of purity & control, maybe allow this time to shift perspective to experience, awareness, curiosity & connection – I wonder where this may lead you instead?
  • Growing energy- more movement, exercise, more action
    • Please bear in mind more does not mean more!
    • Allow yourself to grow & nurture your energy, rather than burning out in a flash.
    • Consider what feels good for you (rather than the would & should!)
    • If you have a history of injury, flareups, pain or are beginning after a long break of inactivity, invest some time into creating safer alignment, activation & body connection. It is the best return on investment you will ever have.
  • Allow time to connect and reflect
    • Before we head into the dry heat & hustle & bustle of a NZ summer full of Christmas, rush & expectation allow some ‘marination’ time.
    • What do I wish to grow more of in my life?
    • How will I stay in touch with my inner wisdom whilst taking outward action?
    • What do I wish to grow in my relationships? What are the seeds of love I will be planting out?
    • In spring nature is at her most creative. How can I draw inspiration form the natural world and allow my own creativity to blossom?
    • As new life unfolds, and the first signs of spring appear, what are my plans for getting out and about to enjoy the beauty of the season?

Please be kind to yourself!

Remember you are enough, you have enough & you will always be enough.Yoga for Spring