by Charmaine Aitken

Anxiety …. a lot of us have experienced it at some stage of our lives.Some more than others

Whether it’s being worried about what your going to wear to a party, whether you’re doing a good job at work, setting a good example for your children or meeting new people/trying new things/stepping out of your comfort zone… the list goes on and on

Some of you may not know this but I get highly anxious about meeting new people and standing up in front of people and speaking…yup and I am a teacher weird huh?! Some people have said when I share this with them, they are like no way, you would be the life of the party!

When Rebecca said that she was starting a teacher training programme I was asked if I wanted to do it…Me?!No way! Not this wee stress bunny who gets strung out and anxious about anything new, and cries when someone even looks at me funny. But then I thought how about I do it for Me, for my journey and yoga practice.

Yoga had already taught me so much about myself already, it had helped me to improve my health, wellbeing and injuries. Imagine how much more it could do for me?

And boy how is it what?!

Part way through I was like wow, this journey has changed me in ways I could never imagine…for my injuries, stress, fears, depression and my anxiety. Not only could I get up in front of new people but I wanted to. I wanted to share my journey, what I learnt, how it helped me and I wanted to help others.

Helping others has always been a huge part of who I am having been a caregiver and support worker for many years. I was now able to help people in a different way as someone kindly pointed out to me when I was questioning another leap of faith in my journey when I decided to take up teaching as my sole income becoming a full time yoga teacher.

My journey in the last 5 years has brought me so far in life, having had anxiety issues for so long. Yes I still get bouts where I kind of freak out and probably always will  but yoga has given me the mindfulness, confidence and tools to work through it and not beat myself up…I am doing the best I can and it will pass….Just breathe!