Relaxation in class (or life..) is really hard!!

Calm down…..sadly does not create the calm experience!

So what can you do to relax????

Firstly, start by dropping your expectations of what you expect is going to happen- it is unlikely that you will float off without effort or distraction into a land filled with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere. In fact often the body tries to distract you vying for attention like a 2 yr old whilst your brain cogs can start into overdrive once they realise you have stopped. Completely normal- no you are not crazy.

So how do we manage this constant clamour of our thoughts, bodies and minds?

Get comfy.
Make sure that you are physically comfortable- temp, position and maybe you need to support bits that are a bit stiff- not a problem your teacher is there to help you. No you do not need to look like everyone else. Some people think that the whole purpose of the physical class itself is to ensure that you can be physically comfortable for the relaxing part at the end. Some people also think the the relaxing part is literally so that you can download all of the physical, emotional and mental learning from the class deep into your mind so that your can use those skills better next time. Some people just like having a rest!

Just breathe.
Notice the breath as it comes in and goes out- whether you call it focus or distraction just bring your awareness to your breath. Some people count, some people literally say breathe in, breathe out, some people watch the movement of the breath in and out of the body. Do what works for you. And sometimes this won’t work for you…..

Try being a spectator- imagine just lying back and watching the brain’s processes and just observe- no need to change, control or even interact …. just watch.

Do you.
Each experience of this part of a class will be different- sometimes its easy, sometimes its hard, sometimes different emotions or thoughts surface that were not expected (we often see a tear or two) and this is all ok. Please remember that learning to relax or let go or to just be is kind of the opposite to what you have been practicing in real life for a long time. So just do what you need to do to make it easy for you.

This is a skill just like any other. We need to practice to be able to relax.

Just like we wouldn’t expect that you can jump up and run 100km non stop and enjoy, we don’t expect that this is something you can do or even enjoy!

If we break the learning down into bite sized pieces (like trying to job 1km) you will learn this new skill and even become proficient at it!

Just like any other learning experience feel free to talk to your teacher and ask questions or get some support. We are here to help you become YOUR best. 

Good luck x