This is one of the questions that we hear most often here at Adapted.

Firstly- it is really important to define what this question actually means for each individual as it can be perceived in many different ways. The short answer is Yes- Yoga and Pilates are effective tools in aiding weight loss (other than loss of limb!). There are many different factors of what makes Yoga and Pilates such effective weight loss tools.

Because individualization and personalization of movement is so important here at Adapted in order to maximize the benefit of Yoga and Pilates for weightloss we look at each student’s individual situation.

Weight loss and ‘toning up’ are often loaded phrases that can mean lots of different things to each individual. Before we answer it, we find it is really important to really clarify what each individual is actually looking for. This is why you will often find us asking for a little bit more definition to these pretty broad terms:

  • Are you looking for fat loss?
  • An increase in muscle tone?
  • A change in muscle definition?
  • Cm loss?
  • In this full body or spot specific?
  • Why is this important for you?

Each of the different answers to these questions will lead to different action plans for each individual. Drawing on a different balance of the following:

  • Stress Management
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased muscle percentage from body weight resistance
  • Increased length and shape of muscle
  • Improved nutrition by improved awareness of self, body and mind
  • Improved hormone balance
  • Improved digestive system
  • Improved daily habits from increased energy and self awareness

The journey for each individual will require a different balance of all of the above, the key is to create the right balance for each person’s taking into consideration their lifestyle as well. that is why it is really helpful to have a sit down and chat with your teacher or studio and create a realistic and sustainable plan with your classes and how to programme each class to your own individual needs so that you can achieve the results that you want- within the lifestyle you have.

The great part of Yoga and Pilates is that they are extremely adaptable to each individual, therefore once we know your goals and where you are currently at we then devise a plan just for you. If there is support needed that is outside of what we are qualified to do we have a great network of professionals that we can happily link you with- effectively creating your own personal wellbeing team that is there to help you create the results that you want!

Essentially Yoga and Pilates help you and your body find the right balance- if weightloss is needed – it can certainly be attained with the correct programming of great teachers and support.