Argh !
Dealing with injury can be tough (and frustrating!)
Our family have had our fair share of injury this year with a broken ankle, finger, torn knee cartilage, ACL injury, AC joint sprain, multiple black eyes ……..
After nearly finishing the acute rehab process on my knee I wanted to share some of my learnings.
We often see students try and jump these steps
– I’m sorry, you need to follow these steps!
1. Begin the RICE process ASAP & continue where possible over the first 48 hrs.
2. If you are worried or in severe pain get help- go to a physio, after hrs if you think you need it or even just call health line.
3. If you are still having issues a few days after initial injury- seek some advice! Book in with a physio or even give us a call and we can help direct you to some next steps
4. FOLLOW the professional advice you have been given, if you feel it is not working contact the person that gave you the advice & get it checked out again.
5. DO NOT ignore pain- in the acute stages of injury it is protecting you!
6. Keep up with your mobility/strengthening/proprioception work. Yes I know once you are in less acute pain you just want to drop the homework and live life.
Please please please get your injury back to where it was (or even better- stronger & more mobile) to prevent re aggravation or bigger issues in the future.
Essentially- we are here to help you out so any questions just reach out.