Margaret is a very inspiring woman. We have been working with Margaret for over a year now and her results are extraordinary. She has worked hard with dedication and focus – always with a twinkle in her eye. Her smile is infectious and we love how kind and considerate she is.

I started yoga as I was experiencing anxiety and I wasn’t sleeping and my doctor recommended it to me. Before I started, I thought that it was going to be some hippy thing with whale music and incense!

I met with one of the support team which was great for me as I was pretty nervous about getting started, but I knew that I needed more tools to deal with my anxiety.

Even though I only come once a week I have still seen great progress and benefit. I learnt such great strategies to relax that I can trick my fitbit into thinking that I am sleeping!

I have learnt a huge amount about the science of the mind and body connection and I have always felt really safe – it’s such a non judgemental place. All the teachers remind you it’s all about you and not the other people in the room which is great, they are always looking to make sure that I am doing things safely, they are really professional and friendly. My back has improved so much and I have learnt much better ways to look after my posture.

The best benefit for me has been the time for me, learning to breath – which leaves no room to focus on my anxiety.

My best advice for anyone getting started is that even if the other people in class look like they know what they are doing they probably don’t! 

Even after a year I’m still not 100% sure of what I am doing!

Just concentrate on you.