Rita is one of our Annual Adapted Prize holders. She is a pure bundle of love and chatter, thanks so much for everything that you do Rita x

Hi my name is Rita and I started at ‘Adapted Yoga and Pilates’17 months ago. I have to say that was the best decision I made. I have tried yoga before and always found it boring 🙂 but from the my first lesson in adapted I fell in love with it. The yoga classes a huge impact on my whole well being.

I was a very sick person when I started I had problems in my knee and foot ,fighting to lose weight I gained due to very strong medication. Suffering from high blood pressure and bad sleep. Slowly through my classes my health started to improve my interaction with the lovely teachers and students improved my flexibility helped me to lose significant amounts of weight ,my pain in my foot disappeared and my knee is doing great! I stopped taking blood pressure medication I sleep much better and I am much more relaxed and happier person !

Thank you adapted and thank you Rebecca for the warmth and love and support. I know now I will continue doing yoga until the rest of my life and I can’t see myself without it.