Sandie is one of our lovely Tues and Thurs night online students. Within her first 50 classes she has improve by 20% her upper body strength, shoulder flexibility, hip flexibility, lower back flexibility, her balance and her posture. She also improve her lower body strength and core strength by 10 %. Amazing results for a really amazing lady x

In September last year I decided I would do yoga. I go through phases of trialling different things and yoga was it for this “phase”.  A year later and a hundred and something class and I am still in that “phase” and absolutely loving it!

I must admit my start at Adapted was a bit rocky.  My first class was booked and I was ready to go when my dad had a small stroke and I had to cancel at the last minute.  When I called to cancel I was worried they would think I was copping out.  After I explained the situation I was met with “I am sorry to hear that, are you OK, do you need any food, can we do anything to help?” I was floored, I had just cancelled my first class and all they could do was offer to help me and give me food!  I thought to myself, even if I hate yoga I am going to keep coming because they are so kind and lovely!

Over the last few years life has been stressful.  I was bullied at my last two jobs, my dad has been ill off and on, and Covid has brought all kinds of financial and other stress.  Yoga has been a life saver, I just wish I had discovered it sooner, it is the best stress reliever I have found so far!  It is the one thing I look forward to in the week, it has helped keep me sane (not to mention be much “bendier” than I ever was). Thank God Adapted has been able to “adapt” and keep going!

Rebecca, Jed and the team are fantastic, I don’t see this as a phase anymore, I see it as an addition to my life, one that will hopefully keep me stress free, flexible and bendier for years to come! Thank you Adapted!